"Guide to Passing the HVAC Licensing Exam"


  • Mechanical Code-What to highlight and how to calculate ventilation and combustion air requirements, hood sizes and return air ducts, plus more
  • Fuel Gas Code-What to highlight.  Determining confined spaces, gas pipe sizes, vent sizes and clearances, plus more
  • Manual J,8th edition- Easy to understand procedures for calculating loads .  Basic principles of heat transfer and thermodynamics.  Operating cost calculations
  • Manual N-Once we get through Manual J, N will be a cakewalk.
  • Manual D-“Three easy steps to duct sizing.”
  • Symbols and Psychrometrics -How to read and use charts and calculate A/C capacity
  • Business-Learn business equations and accounting principles.  Find out how to figure profit the correct way.
  • Energy Code-What you need to know to pass.
  • 150 Strategic Practice Questions-With answers and how we got’em.
  • Much, much more

“I guarantee you will pass your exam or I will give you an immediate refund”

John White

John White has been teaching plumbing and mechanical for over 40 years. He has a BSBA degree in Business Administration, holds an electrical, plumbing and HVAC licenses. He has taught at both, universities and community colleges, has presented seminars throughout the nation and has even created licensing exams like the one you are about to take. John sold his mechanical contracting business in 2006 to devote his energy to his consulting company, Energy Marketing Services, which develops and conducts plumbing and HVAC exam prep courses and is also an approved provider of continuing education.

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